Jeb Bush declares Supergirl is 'pretty hot'

Following days of heated exchanges regarding his brother and 9/11, Jeb Bush should've welcomed a softball question about his favorite Marvel superhero. However, the struggling Republican presidential contender swung, missed and then got a little weird.

Appearing Wednesday at a Libre Initiative forum in Las Vegas, the former Florida governor initially seemed prepared for the question (“Who is your favorite superhero — Marvel, they have in parenthesis — and why?”), delivering a response tailored to the conservative audience. “I like watching the movies," Bush said, "and I wish I owned Marvel, as somebody who believes in capitalism.”

It worked, too, as The New York Times reports the answer elicited laughter from the crowd. However, he kept going, offering that, “I’m kind of old school. I kind of like the old-school guys, like Batman.” Sure, the Dark Knight isn't a Marvel superhero, old school or otherwise, but no harm, now foul.

But then Bush continued, and this is where things got ... awkward. Explaining that earlier that day he saw an ad for CBS's new drama Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist, he finally settled on the Girl of Steel (also not a Marvel superhero).

“She looked kinda -- she looked pretty hot," he said with a chuckle. "I don’t know what channel it’s on, but I’m looking forward to that.”

Bush added with a chuckle, “that will make news.” Yes, it will.

He's not the first Republican candidate this year to take on the superhero question: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz drew criticism in July after he named Rorschach from Watchmen as one of his favorites, while Donald Trump launched countless memes in August when he jokingly confirmed "I am Batman."

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