Russell Dauterman's X-Men #1 Variant Gathers Every Version of Jean Grey

Artist Russell Dauterman (Thor, War of the Realms) has revealed his variant cover for Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Francis Yu's X-Men #1, which is slated to hit comic shops in October. The cover features the various different incarnations of Dauterman's self-proclaimed favorite X-Men character: Jean Grey.

Numerous iconic looks adopted by Jean over her 56-year publication history are featured on the over, which Dauterman posted to his Twitter page. Front and center is Jean in the yellow and blue outfit she sported in the 1990s. Jean's green Marvel Girl costume, as well as the green Phoenix outfit, are also featured prominently. The other classic designs on display include Jean's New X-Men uniform, her Age of Apocalypse gear, the deep red Dark Phoenix attire and, of course, her original 1963 X-Men uniform, among many others.

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Hickman and Yu's X-Men will be the new flagship series for Marvel's mutants, spinning out of House of X and Powers of X as a part of Hickman's "Dawn of X" relaunch. Marvel's new mainline X-Men book will follow longtime team-member Cyclops and the adventures of his hand-picked team of mutant superheroes.

Written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu, X-Men #1 goes on sale Oct. 16 from Marvel Comics.

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