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Jean Grey: The Phoenix Force’s Big Secret Involves A Massive Return

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Jean Grey: The Phoenix Force’s Big Secret Involves A Massive Return

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Jean Grey #6, by Dennis Hopeless, Paul Davidson, Jay David Ramos and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

Over the past few months, the time-displaced Jean Grey has been preparing for the arrival of The Phoenix Force by contacting friends, former hosts and potential mentors in an effort to be ready for what seems to be her destiny. During her adventures, a mysterious voice has been guiding her and occasionally teasing her, thought to belong to The Phoenix Force itself.

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This week in Dennis Hopeless, Paul Davidson, Jay David Ramos and Travis Lanham’s Jean Grey #6, we learned that isn’t quite the case; the mysterious voice that has been hounding Jean Grey doesn’t belong to The Phoenix at all, but to the spirit of the adult — and very much dead — Jean Grey.

The Doctor Is In

In Jean Grey #6, the eponymous hero heads to the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Stephen Strange in an effort to get a professional opinion on the mysterious voices that have been bugging her about The Phoenix. In doing so, Jean and Strange are taken on a whirlwind ride through three of the most important eras in the adult Jean Grey’s life; her first birthday at the Xavier Institute, a fight against the Acolytes during the X-Men’s original Blue and Gold days and then an argument between Jean, Scott and Emma, not long before the elder Jean Grey’s death.


The spirit of Jean Grey tells her younger self that she wanted to prepare her for the eventual arrival of The Phoenix and eventually makes her admit the one thing she’s been afraid of since arriving in the future: Jean Grey is Jean Grey is Jean Grey. What that means is, although their lives took a very different path early on, it’s not entirely wrong for people in the present to have ideas and expectations of the younger Jean Grey, and doing everything she can to run away from becoming that person isn’t necessarily in her best interest. As the issue wraps up, Doctor Strange is confident that the elder Jean Grey’s spirit if finally at rest, but Jean the younger notices something even Strange misses: The spirit of her adult self has followed her back to Earth and will be joining her on her quest.

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