Jean Grey #9 Just Set the Stage for Phoenix Resurrection


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Jean Grey #9 by Dennis Hopeless, Victor Ibáñez, Jay David Ramos and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of (Adult) Jean Grey is just around the corner, and people are excited for the original X-Men founder to return and lead a new team of X-Men in the new year. However, the return of Jean Grey and the Phoenix’s role in that return has been playing out slowly in the pages of the younger incarnation’s ongoing series for a number of months now and at the end of this week’s issue things seemed to reach a head.

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The Phoenix Force has returned to Earth for the first time since Avengers vs X-Men to claim the young Jean Grey as its host. Fortunately, Jean has some friends, enemies and frenemies on her side who know a thing or two about the Phoenix who are ready to step up and make sure that doesn’t happen.

Old Ghosts

The most recent arc of Jean Grey — titled "Psych War" — has seen the young time displaced Jean Grey working with the psychic spirit of the deceased present day adult Jean Grey (comics!) in order to steal a sliver of the Phoenix Force from Emma Frost’s mind to better understand it and prepare for The Phoenix’s eventual arrival. Unfortunately, that sliver triggered a psychic feedback in young Jean which left her catatonic, literally on fire and speeding to the hospital in this issue as the old rivals Emma and adult Jean bickered about their long history. Eventually, Emma decides the best thing to do is call in help and get Jean far away from where she's a danger to others, which gives her and adult Jean the chance to see each other's side for once.


Adult Jean and Emma were once teammates and members of the X-Men together, but it all fell apart when Jean caught her husband Scott Summers psychically cheating on her in Emma’s head. Jean died not long after but in death convinced Scott to be with Emma — partly to avoid the dystopian “Here Comes Tomorrow” future but partly so he could be happy again. Now, Scott Summers is dead, and with the young Jean Grey unconscious, it gives them time to deal with their issues for the first time in years.

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