Jean Grey Gets First Ongoing Series As Part Of ResurrXion


The new X-book announcements keep on rolling out. Following news earlier this week announcing the ongoing series "Iceman" and "Weapon X," Marvel has revealed a third new X-book slated for release in spring 2017: "Jean Grey." Marvel posted the teaser image, culling art from the character's 50 year history, to Twitter.

This announcement is notable because it marks the very first time that Jean Grey -- any version of her -- has had an ongoing series. She got an "X-Men Origins" one-shot in 2008, and a "Marvel Girl" one-shot in 2011 as part of Marvel's all-ages line. For the first time in her 53 year history, Jean Grey will have a title of her own.

Debuting in 1963's "X-Men" #1, Jean Grey is one of the founding members of the X-Men and has gone by many codenames in her half century of publication. Originally a low-level telekinetic, the teen Jean originally went by the code name Marvel Girl during the X-Men's '60s run. Her character underwent a dramatic -- and continuity dense -- makeover in 1976 when she (or rather a version of her) assumed the mantle and cosmic powers of the Phoenix. That version of Jean, corrupted by power, became the Dark Phoenix. When the real Jean returned she alternated between halfheartedly using the Marvel Girl codename or just her own name -- Jean Grey. Jean herself later took on the Phoenix mantle, and some of the imposter's powerset, up until the time of her death in 2004's "New X-Men" #150. In 2012, the original five teenage X-Men were transported to the present from early in their time at Xavier’s, resulting in a new teen Jean being active. Teen Jean is currently a member of the Extraordinary X-Men.

Whether or not the series will star the teenage Jean or a resurrected original Jean (who has now been dead for 12 years) remains unknown. "Jean Grey" will debut alongside "Iceman" and "Weapon X" in spring 2017.

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