Jean-Claude Van Damme to Star in Amazon Action Comedy

Action-movie icon Jean-Claude Van Damme is making the move to television.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given a pilot order to the action comedy "Jean-Claude Van Johnson," which will see Van Damme play a version of himself: an actor/martial artist ... who's secretly also a black-ops contractor.

In the pilot, written and produced by Dave Callaham ("The Expendables"), Van Damme's character comes out of retirement to resume his alter ego, that of undercover contractor Jean-Claude Van Johnson. He'll take the lead role in an action-movie version of "Huckleberry Finn," which lands him back in danger and in the proximity of fellow operative Vanessa, the love of his life.

Van Damme's first television role, "Jean-Claude Van Johnson" is targeted to begin production in mid-May.

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