Jay Stephens opens the gates to 'Atomic City;' Mike Allred throws 'It Girl' a solo party

Official Press Release

[Go Power!]Oni Press has announced that this April will see the long-awaited re-release of the first volume of Jay Stephens' ATOMIC CITY TALES. GO POWER was originally published by Kitchen Sink, and the metafictional superhero comic didn't just stretch the indie envelope when it was originally released-GO POWER ripped it up into little pieces.

"The comics community has a pretty good sense of history, but sometimes we forget about recent history," said Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "There's a lot of clamor for the four-color slugfests that inspire those wistful tears of nostalgia, but what about the comics that laid the foundation for Oni Press and all the current crop of independents and creator-owners? Where is the weeping for ATOMIC CITY TALES?"

ATOMIC CITY TALES: GO POWER is a whimsical look at what happens when a rockabilly-styled hipster gets superpowers, and how it changes the face of superheroics and supercrime in a futuristic metropolis. Big Bang joins the likes of the Quirk and the Green Torpedo in socking it to Doc Phantom and his gang of loonies, and along the way he kicks down the fourth wall by bringing Jay Stephens in to be his own personal cartoonist and set his adventures down on the comic book page.

"I look forward to seeing my early work come back into print," Stephens added, "and getting my books under one publishing umbrella. There are a lot of new readers who have seen JETCAT CLUBHOUSE, who have seen where I ended up, but don't yet know where I came from. This is their chance to make things right."

ATOMIC CITY TALES: GO POWER is scheduled to ship on April 19, 2002. It is a standard comics-sized book with 160 pages of black-and-white story and art, and retails for 12.95. The second ATOMIC CITY TALES, DOC PHANTOM, is set for December 2, 2002, and price and length are to be determined.

[It Girl #1]In other news, Oni Press and AAA Pop would like to officially announce their current union. Initial plans are for the two companies to co-publish a series of one-shot collaborations between Mike Allred and other artists, creating adventures starring Mike's ATOMICS characters. The first such collaboration will be the April IT GIRL one-shot, illustrated by BLUE MONDAY-creator Chynna Clugston-Major. This will be the first-ever solo book starring one of the Atomics team-members.

"When Jamie Rich suggested we do an IT GIRL comic with Chynna on art, I could instantly see how cool it would be," Allred said. "Chynna is a unique new talent in the comics world, and I hope to capture a little of the fresh point of view she brings to her own work. She has the right kind of spastic energy to capture that 'it' that makes It Girl."

"Mike is one of my favorite creators," explained Clugston-Major. "He's got that whacky '60s style, like Carnaby Street in technicolor. I jumped at the chance to do something with him."

The IT GIRL one-shot will be shipping to comic book stores on April 26, 2002. It will feature 24 pages of full color story and art. The cover will be a collaboration between Mike, Chynna, and Laura Allred, with Chynna also drawing the back cover. Interior colors will be by Han Allred. The book will retail for $2.95 and is suitable for all ages.

Oni and AAA Pop will follow IT GIRL in July with SPACEMAN, a new comic collaboration between Allred and painter/animator Lawrence Marvit (SPARKS). Allred also continues as the regular artist on Marvel Comics' X-FORCE. Clugston-Major is releasing her next BLUE MONDAY project, a one-shot called LOVECATS, in February, and will follow with another BLUE MONDAY one-shot in October and an all-new series, SCOOTER GIRL, by the end of the year.

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