Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Has Wrapped Filming

Jay and Silent Bob

Actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith's return to the View Askewniverse is almost complete, as filming for the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot has finished, confirmed by Smith himself.

Smith announced on Twitter that the film wrapped after 21 days of shooting, while also reminding everyone that Clerks -- Smith's debut film, which also served as the first appearance of Jay and Silent Bob -- was shot in the same amount of time. Smith also took the time to thank the cast and crew of the film, especially his co-star Jason Mewes, who plays Jay to Smith's Silent Bob, and referred to the film as his magnum opus.

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Also included in the tweet is an image of a set with a sign that reads, "Heavy Metal Scrapyard," with an additional sign reading "Our Scrap Is Metal, Man!" while traffic cones sit in front of it.

Naturally, with the announcement of the film wrapping up shooting, Smith's followers and fans are already rejoicing in the comments section, with some announcing their anticipation for the film and others thanking Smith for letting them be a part of it. So, it looks as though when Jay and Silent Bob Reboot hit theaters, the crowds will be roaring with joy when the titular duo makes its return.

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Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot stars Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Lee, Donnell Rawlings and more. The film is expected to hit theaters later this year.

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