Jay Fearber's "Firebirds" take flight this November

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With NOBLE CAUSES, Jay Faerber demonstrated his keen eye for creatingcomplex characterizations, and gave readers a dramatic look at the dailytrials and tribulations of a world famous superhero family. Now that NOBLECAUSES is an ongoing, full color monthly series, it's only natural Faerberwould begin to expand on his emerging superhero universe.

This November, Faerber and artist Andres Ponce are doing just that withFIREBIRDS, a 48-page, full color one-shot from Image Comics.

In FIREBIRDS, Faerber demonstrates once again his ability to bringbelievable, dramatic relationships to the comic page. The book follows thestory of superheroine Rebecca Reed and her estranged teenage daughter,Emily, as they deal with the revelation that Rebecca's daughter hasinherited powers of her own from her mother. At its core, FIREBIRDS is thestory of a mother and daughter who have never really had the chance to knowone another until now.

"Rebecca gave birth to Emily at a pretty young age," says Faerber. "And assoon as she was able, she sent Emily to live at a boarding school. She toldherself that it was to keep Emily safe, in case any super-villains everdiscovered her true identity. But deep down, Rebecca knows it's because shewas scared to death of being a mother. So Emily's lived most of her life atvarious boarding schools, and her mom is just this person she sees for theoccasional holiday."

Instead of littering his new book with standard superhero cliches, Faerberis careful to focus on the people behind the masks, and in FIREBIRDS he'sworking with themes that many readers can relate to.

"FIREBIRDS is just as much about Rebecca, the seasoned superhero terrifiedat the prospect of being a mother, as it is about Emily, the averageteenager thrilled at the prospect of being a superhero," notes the writer.

The book also shares the same universe as Faerber's other current Imagesuperhero book, NOBLE CAUSES, opening the door for the Firebirds to play arole in future NOBLE CAUSES stories.

"Rebecca's first appearance is actually in the pages of NOBLE CAUSES:EXTENDED FAMILY #2," Faerber notes. "And she goes on to play a recurringrole as part of a group of heroes joined by some of the Noble family. It's alot of fun to cross-pollinate my own little corner of the Image universe,and I think fans will appreciate seeing how the various heroes react to oneanother."

FIREBIRDS not only introduces a new superhero tandem to the Image Universe,but a new artistic talent in Andres Ponce. Continuing his commitment tounearthing new talent (as evidenced by early NOBLE CAUSES and currentAquaman artist Patrick Gleason, and VENTURE artist and current Firestormartist Jamal Igle). Faerber recognized Ponce's talent the first time he sawsamples, and foresees a bright future for the Argentinian artist.

"Andres is an amazing artist that I found online," Faerber says. "He keptsending me samples, and I started him out with a pin-up in NOBLE CAUSES.That led to an 8-page back-up story, which led to him jumping aboard as leadartist of the NOBLE CAUSES: DISTANT RELATIVES mini-series, which led to measking him to develop these new characters with me. Andres has a fantastictalent for body language and facial expressions, two traits essential to thekind of story I'm telling. And he's no slouch in the action department,either. He brought along a friend of his, Nestor Perrerya, to color thebook. Because of their existing relationship, Andres is able to work closelywith Nestor to ensure a distinct look for this book."

FIREBIRDS is available for preorder in the September issue of PREVIEWS, andwill go on sale November 3.

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