Jay Faerber's Mystery Project

What Jay Faerber's new project will be, it's too soon to tell, but it was born on the Internet.

Earlier this month, Faerber, the current writer of DC Comics' "The Titans" and Marvel Comics' "Wolverine/Iron Fist," posted a want ad at the 2KComics.com Web site:

"This message is for all you aspiring pencillers out there. I'm in the midst of putting together a proposal for a creator-owned comic that I want to pitch to Image, and YOU might be able to help! While I've got a short list of established pros I'm going to approach about this project, I'd also love to come across a promising newcomer.

"So if you think you've got what it takes to draw a MONTHLY comic book, ON TIME, then e-mail me some samples of your SEQUENTIAL ARTWORK. If you want to throw in a few pin-ups, that's fine. But if your samples consist ONLY of pin-ups, my finger will go to the "Delete" key faster than you can say 'Jesse Quick.' This proposal will be super hero-based, but my emphasis is going to be more on character interaction than on fight scenes, so I'm going to be paying extra-close attention to backgrounds, body language, and facial expressions.

"If you're in this for the money, don't even bother submitting. This is more about creating something free from editorial constraints, than about making big money. If I like your stuff, we'll talk more about specifics."

As for what the comic is and when fans can expect to see it, Faerber isn't talking.

"I've already found my artist, but it's way too soon to talk about the project," he told the Comic Wire on Wednesday.

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