Kevin Smith Shares Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Storyline Info


Following the announcement that he's finished his script for a sequel to "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," Kevin Smith teased a few more details about the film on his Facebook page.

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In a Facebook post, Smith dropped the title of the "movie-within-a-movie" the films' pot-loving protagonists are involved in. the director will be putting his own spin on superheroes squaring off, as it looks like Bluntman finds himself at odds with Chronic in the familiarly named "Bluntman V Chronic."

In recent months, Smith has kept busy directing superhero shows and sitcoms for television, but he's also been hard at work on a script revisiting the most iconic characters from his View Askewniverse. In the previous film, Silent Bob (Smith) and Jay (Jason Mewes) attempt to stop Hollywood from making a film based on a comic book starring the pair (sort of) by “Chasing Amy’s” Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck). In the script to the sequel, "Bluntman & Chronic" is getting a modern reboot, the title of which indicates Smith is about to poke fun at the current state of comic-book films.

Aside from Smith and Mewes, no cast members have been announced, though in the first movie-within-a-movie, Bluntman and Chronic were portrayed by Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek, respectively. The movie was also filled with numerous cameos, something Smith has promised will hold true for the sequel as well.

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