Jaxxon Returns in "Star Wars" #1 "Party" Variant Cover

Marvel revealed a new "Star Wars" #1 variant cover Wednesday on StarWars.com illustrated by John Tyler Christopher, and hey -- who's that green anthropomorphic rabbit trying to crash the party? Why, it's Jaxxon, a character created during Marvel's original run of "Star Wars" comic books in the late 1970s. Introduced by Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin, Jaxxon quickly disappeared into obscurity, amid rumors that George Lucas himself wasn't a fan of the character -- a rumor COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD's own Brian Cronin deemed, "I'm Going With True" in an installment of Comic Book Legends Revealed.

Marvel's new "Star Wars" #1 is set for release in January from the creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday, and Christopher's "Party Variant" cover will only be available at official launch parties for the issue -- where you can presumably make up your own explanation as to why Darth Vader would be socializing with the Rebel Alliance.

"'Star Wars' has always been an important part of Marvel's history and we knew we wanted to honor that legacy with a callback to the original Marvel Comics 'Star Wars' series," David Gabriel, Marvel's SVP Sales & Marketing, said in a statement. "We think old and new fans alike will be just as excited as we are to see Jaxxon, even if it's only for this fun variant cover."

But don't despair, Jaxxon fans -- Aaron himself said (most likely joking, sure) in a Marvel.com interview that he'd like to use "the giant bunny rabbit" in the new series.

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