'Jason & the Argobots' collection coming this June

[Jason and the Argobots]This June, Oni Press will unleash Chiron, the towering robot of JASON & THE ARGOBOTS, on the world again, releasing a collected version of J. Torres & Mike Norton's mechanized myth. This new book contains the four-issue ARGOBOTS miniseries, BIRTHQUAKE, and follows Jason and his family as they discover a giant robot hidden beneath the surface of the desert.

"The year 2002 saw a dramatic resurgence of robots in North American comics," commented series editor James Lucas Jones. "Most companies looked to TV shows and comics of the past for not only inspiration, but the properties themselves. J. and Mike, on the other hand, took the proud giant robot tradition and filtered it through their own creative vision. The result is an accessible comic that entertains and amazes."

"J. and I share a love for the 'boy and his robot' sub-genre pioneered by the anime and manga," added Oni publisher Joe Nozemack. "Torres knows the tricks of the giant robot trade but adds his own magic touch. He's more likely to pull a futuristic gadget out of his hat than any silly rabbit. But what's a magician without his partner? Mike Norton doesn't need fishnets and a shiny bra to draw eyes away from Torres' slight of hand. His beautiful and imposing illustrations do a perfect job of pulling readers out of reality and into Jason's world."

Unfortunately for Jason, the earthquake that unearthed Chiron had a less-welcome effect as well. While Jason was uncovering the huge metal man, several supercharged criminals used the disaster as an opportunity to escape from prison. Now Jason, with the help of his nosy little sister and scientist grandpa, has to figure out how to use his new robot pal to put an end to the chaos before his hometown of Shimmer City is reduced to ruins.

"Jason's story is as big and impressive as his new mechanized friend," Torres concluded. "BIRTHQUAKE is just the first chapter in a larger epic. It's the ground floor of a new mythology that will stretch across the future and the galaxy and continues in August's JASON & THE ARGOBOTS: MACHINA EX DEUS original graphic novel."

JASON & THE ARGOBOTS: BIRTHQUAKE VOL. 1 trade paperback ships June 11, 2003, retails for $11.95, and is fun for all ages. It has 128 pages of black-and-white story and art with a full color cover.

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