Jason Statham To Become The Mechanic

Fully intending to capitalize on the mancave mentality of The Expendables, Millennium Films plan to follow Sly Stallone's latest comeback with another movie for men - and CBS Films is there to help them.

CBS has picked up Millennium's remake of the 1972 movie The Mechanic for US distribution. The movie, which stars Jason Statham in the original's Charles Bronson role of a hitman training an apprentice who has a relationship to one of his victims, has already been finished; CBS picked up distribution rights after test screenings, according to producer Irvin Winkler:

A lot of independent companies were interested after we held a test screening, but I worked with CBS’s Amy Baer while she was at Columbia, and we trust each other. CBS needed a film, they held a research screening on their own dime that did even better than the first time, and there is a lot of enthusiasm.


No release date has been announced.

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