Jason Statham Gears Up For 'Mechanic: Resurrection'

Jason Statham will return as hitman Arthur Bishop in Mechanic: Resurrection. Variety reports the action icon, who starred in the 2011 remake of The Mechanic, will reprise the part for the sequel, which hits theaters on Jan. 22, 2016.

Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones have also signed on to star in the film, directed by Dennis Gansel (We Are the Night).

In the films, Statham plays an assassin called a "mechanic," who tries to make his hits look like accidents. In the first film, he trained his mentor's son in the ways of the family business before things ended rather explosively between the two. Mechanic: Resurrection finds Frank trying to lead a quiet life that will surely get upset by murder-related shenanigans.

Charles Bronson originated the role of Arthur Bishop in the 1972 action-thriller directed by Michael Winner.

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