Jason Reitman Clarifies Ghostbusters Remarks, Praises 2016 Film

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Ghostbusters 3 director Jason Reitman has clarified his recent comments that had been interpreted as a criticism of the 2016 remake, insisting, "I have nothing but admiration for Paul and Leslie and Kate and Melissa and Kristen."

Appearing earlier this week on the Bill Burr Podcast, Reitman said his Ghostbusters sequel will be set in the same universe as the original films, and even employ some of the techniques his father, director Ivan Reitman, used. He said it's intended as a love letter to those beloved comedies that "would hand the movie back to the fans."

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Fans and detractors alike of Paul Feig's 2016 remake quickly reacted to that turn of phrase. However, Reitman wrote Wednesday night on Twitter that his words "came out wrong." "They expanded the universe and made an amazing movie!" he clarified, although, judging from the comments, not to everyone's satisfaction.

Reitman's film will have no connection to the 2016 remake, which attempted to take the franchise in a new direction with a female-led cast and a storyline that drew inspiration from the 1984 original. Feig's film triggered backlash virtually from the moment it was announced, which grew into a targeted harassment campaign against star Leslie Jones.

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The new Ghostbusters has already drawn criticism from Jones and Feig, because of what its development says about their film, and because of earlier comments by made by Dan Aykroyd.

Directed by Jason Reitman, who will write the film with Gil Kenan (Monster House), Ghostbusters is targeted for release on July 20, 2020.

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