Jason Pearson gears up for new 'Body Bags' series

With a name like Body Bags, you'd think it wouldn't have much of a lifespan, but Jason Pearson's violent comic about father-daughter assassins has been plugging along in one form or another -- miniseries, one-shots, short stories -- since 1996. And now, it looks like Clownface and Panda are returning once again.

The artist reveals on his Facebook page that he's working on a new miniseries subtitled Vicious, which will make the first series Father's Day "look like a Hallmark card." Pearson, who battled back from some personal issues in 2011 and 2012, plans to not only write and draw the series but also color it.

"I've been figuring out a color approach that can be consistent and efficient since I don't want to be working this book for the next 12 years," Pearson writes. As an example, he colored a pencil sketch from 2004 (below).

Although not a regular fixture on the comics scene like some other artists, Pearson made his name quickly in the early 1990s with work on Legion of Super-Heroes and was part of Gaijin Studios' when it had its own line of comics at Dark Horse. After doing the inaugural Body Bags series there, Pearson bounced around Marvel, DC and Wildstorm, working on a variety of one-off issues.

In December, Image Comics released stories from Body Bags: 3 the Hard Way and Body Bags: One Shot in a new collection. There's no word yet on when or where Body Bags: Vicious will be published.

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