Jason Pearson and the redemptive qualities of cheesecake

Body Bags creator Jason Pearson is drawing a number of cheesecake style-commissions and discovering an emotional resonance and significance that might not be apparent to everyone. Even so, they are providing him with some solace following a suicide attempt last December.

"Maybe I'm stupid for using cheesecake to answer questions about psychiatry and quantum physics but it gets me through the fucking day," he posted over the weekend on his Facebook page. "If I'm wrong, then at least you can be amused by the titillation."

He has decided to discontinue any more work with Marvel and DC Comics, and instead focus on work that matters to him on some level. As he puts it, "it has to feel right." To that effect, he is concentrating on a new story arc for his creator-owned series Body Bags (with a Kickstarter campaign possibly to follow), as well as taking on commissions. His commission work is admittedly cheesecake, but for him there are deeper messages within the sexy images that fit his new objective.

"These pieces of art should appear as nothing more than images of tits and ass, but within these requested parameters I had to 'feel right' about doing them. A reason for their existence had to be achieved," he explained. "To you, Domino sits naked with Deadpool reflected in a mirror. To me, it's a theory about the fear and hate of true love. To you, Elektra looks cool as a pin cushion for arrows and ninja stars, to me, she's about acceptance. So is the Panda/Baby Doll piece. Scarlet Witch is about the death of family and the happiness that blossoms from it. Those are my conclusions."

To some, he might be justifying doing commissions. After all, why do such questions and themes have to be answered with images that reinforce the victimization and/or sexualization of women? But maybe it's the juxtaposition of such imagery with the subtext of more complicated themes that intrigues him. Or maybe there's no intellectualizing something that has to "feel right" for the artist, and we should be grateful he's still around so we get to contemplate such issues while looking at new work from such an exceptional talent.

To order a commission or buy original artwork by Pearson, contact Mike Alexandropoulous at MoreGreatArt.com. Here are some more examples of his work:

Life is Strange #10

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