Jason Latour offers advice to creators that everyone could use

Partly inspired by the fundraising efforts to help veteran artist Norm Breyfogle, who's recovering from a stroke, Jason Latour offered some sage advice overnight to young creators. What began as a single tweet, grew into a series, tinged with the creator's blunt honesty about his own struggles.

Young artists: Physical & mental health matter as much as any line or word you put on paper. Get in the habit of taking care of yourself.

— Jason Latour (@jasonlatour) December 23, 2014

This initial tweet resulted in a series of testimonials from industry peers.

@jasonlatour recently did a 38 hour straight work-run. Never again. I met my deadline but I could tell it took a big health/well being toll.

— Mitch Gerads (@MitchGerads) December 23, 2014

@jasonlatour @MitchGerads Dealing w/ this lesson right now. Comics aren't worth being miserable or unhealthy. Enough of that. Recalibrating.

— Matthew Southworth (@mattsouthworth) December 23, 2014

@mattsouthworth @jasonlatour @MitchGerads I haven't done ANY all-nighter in 2014 and happy of it - that crap almost killed me in 2013.

— FrancescoFrancavilla (@f_francavilla) December 23, 2014

Also, one of Latour's followers asked about the platitude shared by some that one must "suffer for my art." Latour answered the earnest question in a manner that helped bolster his initial point.

.@DeweiMaWangHung @egoraptor Even maintaining a healthy life you'll wrestle w/ reconciling life & art. Every person alive suffers--

— Jason Latour (@jasonlatour) December 23, 2014

.@DeweiMaWangHung If you ask me art should be your outlet for coping with your emotions & even your pain. Not the cause.

— Jason Latour (@jasonlatour) December 23, 2014

Take it from someone who's caused himself a LOT of needless pain & strife. Suffering prevents more art than it creates.

— Jason Latour (@jasonlatour) December 23, 2014

I know I don't have art or life all figured out. Just gained more dealing w/ the life I have than I did trying to pound it into a diff shape

— Jason Latour (@jasonlatour) December 23, 2014

In other words it's okay to have fun making comics. I think.

— Jason Latour (@jasonlatour) December 23, 2014

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