Jason Fabok's 10 Favorite "Justice League" Moments

With last week's "Justice League" #50, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok's run on the series came to an end -- as did the 11-issue "Darkseid War" story, which acted as a major superhero event contained within a single series. Given that "DC Universe: Rebirth" was released the same day and kicked off the "Rebirth" of DC Comics, "Justice League" #50 also served as something of an unofficial end to the New 52 era, which started in fall 2011 with Johns' first issue of "Justice League," then drawn by Jim Lee.

Courtesy of Fabok and DC, CBR has the artist's picks for his top 10 favorite moments from his time on "Justice League" -- which started in Nov. 2014 with the "Amazo Virus" story -- along with some behind-the-scenes glimpses at early black-and-white artwork, plus personal comments on why these images and the run itself were so significant to him.

10: Free Comic Book Day story -- A Glimpse into the Future

9: "Justice League" #41 -- A Miraculous Entrance

8: "Justice League" #42 -- The Bat-God Cometh

7: "Justice League" #43 -- Darkseid Arrives

6: "Justice League" #44 -- The Clash of the DC Titans

5: "Justice League" #44 -- The Death of Darkseid

4: "Justice League" #48 -- The Green Lantern Corps!

3: Wonder Woman

2: The Covers

1: "Justice League" #50

Fabok: Why did I chose to put all of "Justice League" #50 on here as my #1 moment of the series? It's because it was the book that tested me the most as an artist, and as a person and took me through a time of self-reflection and discovery about myself.

Let me explain: As we neared the end of issue #49, DC had announced the new DC Rebirth event, with Geoff's "DC Universe: Rebirth" #1 out on May 25. It was already March and I had just started with the 42-page issue. Looking at the schedule, I felt there was no possible way I could finish the biggest, most epic issue yet in a month and a half. It had taken me five-six weeks to draw 22 pages of "Justice League" #48. Drawing more than 20 pages in a month seemed impossible, let alone more than 30.

I had two options: Either we bring on a fill-in to do half the issue, or I work night and day, 14 hours a day, seven days a week for the entire month of April to finish. With my wife at home with our 7-month-old son, I didn't want to work these hours and miss my time with my family but I felt I had to finish this book on my own terms, for the fans, for my family, for Geoff and for myself. So after having only 8 pages done by March 28, I dug in, locked myself in my office and drew 34 pages from that point to April 30.

It turns out I worked roughly 400 hours in 1 month to finish issue #50, and I don't believe for one second anyone will look at this issue and see it as a rushed product -- because in all honesty, I didn't rush anything. I spent the time needed to draw every page, no matter if I had to work til midnight or wake up extra early to finish. I feel it's one of the best issues I've drawn. Plus, Geoff pulls out all the stops, dropping some major bombs on the DC Universe that will continue into the future with Rebirth. These story endings and ramifications were things we talked about from day 1, and it was an honor to draw the ending to this epic issue.

But after finishing the book, I came to the realization that life is way too precious and short to spend working these sorts of hours on your job. I missed so much time with my wife and son to finish this issue that I swore I'd never do something like this again. Drawing "Justice League" #50 was a trial, I passed it, but with all trials you don't come out of it the same person. I promised myself, and my family that I was going to slow down, and work on some projects that allowed me to work at my own pace and spend the time with my family that I desire so much.

I hope fans will read "Justice League" 50 and see the love, dedication, self-sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears I put into it, and every other issues of "Justice League," and enjoy the ending to Geoff's epic run. I loved drawing it, and loved all the special moments that happened during this time period. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoyed this little look into my process and time drawing the greatest superheroes, the Justice League!

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