Jason Fabok Takes on "Justice League" Starting with November's #36

DC Comics' flagship superteam will have a new regular series artist starting in November with "Justice League" #36, as first revealed by BuzzFeed: Jason Fabok, moving to the book following a three-year long stint on various Batman titles. Writer and DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns, who has been with the series since its relaunch in late Aug. 2011 at the dawn of the New 52 era, remains on the book.

"Geoff has been such a huge inspiration to me over the years, reading his work and watching him weave these grand epics through the DC Universe," Fabok said in a statement to BuzzFeed. "In fact, one of my career goals was to get a chance to work with him on a project. To have the opportunity to draw the next chapter in his 'Justice League' saga is an extreme joy and overwhelming to consider."

Fabok's relatively young career started with a "Superman/Batman" story in 2010, and multiple releases for Aspen Comics. Fabok followed David Finch on "Batman: The Dark Knight" in the book's brief pre-New 52 existence, and drew "Detective Comics" for more than a year before becoming the initial artist of currently unfolding weekly series "Batman Eternal."

"I've always dreamed of drawing Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Lex Luthor, Aquaman and the myriad of super-villains that comprise the Justice League books," Fabok said. "Geoff has such an awesome story crafted and I can't wait for fans to see what he has in store in the coming months. It's going to get epic! I'm so thankful for this opportunity and hope that fans will look forward to what we have in store!"

The current volume of "Justice League" debuted with veteran superstar artist and DC co-publisher Jim Lee on art, followed by Johns' long-time collaborator Ivan Reis. Artist Doug Mahnke illustrated "Justice League #33," out next Wednesday, Sept. 3.

"Justice League" #36, Fabok's first issue as series artist, is scheduled for release on Nov. 19.

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