Fabok Shares Batman Who Laughs Cover Process


One of the more intriguing (and creepier) evil Batmen in Dark Nights: Metal's Dark Multiverse is the Dark Knight/Joker hybrid, the Batman Who Laughs. Each of the twisted versions of Batman will have a one-shot issue that recaps their individual origin stories, and artist Jason Fabok shared his process work for the November Batman Who Laughs issue cover that features the villain and his horde of murderous Robins.

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Beginning in the bottom-right image, we see Fabok's layouts for the Batman Who Laughs and three of his Robins attached to leashes. From there, some light shading is added to provide extra depth to the image before inks are applied. The final image shows the completed cover, with colors added by Brad Anderson.

“The Batman Who Laughs is Bruce asking, ‘What if I killed the Joker and I found out that he has a toxin in his heart that essentially made whoever kills him the next Joker, and that’s why he’s always tried to get Batman to kill him?’ It’s one of the darkest stories that we could do,” Snyder said in an interview with CBR, though he quickly assured there’s plenty more to the story to be told. “What happens then, what happens to the family, all of that is in [the] Batman: The Batman Who Laughs one-shot.”

The Batman Who Laughs one-shot arrives in stores Nov. 15.

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