Spawn Producer Jason Blum Interested In Reviving Dark Universe

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Jason Blum, the founder and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, is currently producing a new Todd McFarlane-directed Spawn adaptation starring Jamie Foxx. However, the filmmaker has also expressed interest in reviving Universal Pictures' Dark Universe in some capacity.

During the producer's #AskBlum Twitter Q&A, Blum was asked by a fan if he would be willing to take over the Dark Universe. Blum responded with a simple yet emphatic, "Yes!!!!"

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Additionally, another fan asked what the chances were of Blumhouse Productions acquiring the rights to other big-name horror franchises. Blum responded by saying, "The chances are excellent."

Blumhouse Productions has made a rather significant name for itself in the world of horror over the last several years, and are continuing to make some serious headway. In addition to its upcoming Spawn reboot, the company is also behind the Halloween reboot, the promotional material for which has been met with a mostly positive response. Blumhouse is also behind such recent smash-hits as Get Out and Split.

With that in mind, if Universal Pictures actually does decide to let Blum's production company take over the Dark Universe, it could potentially revive the franchise. Sure, the project is technically still alive at Universal, but has essentially been dead in the water in the eyes of many ever since 2017's The Mummy underperformed both critically and commercially.

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Plus, with the aforementioned Split, Blumhouse almost single-handedly kicked the M. Night Shyamalan shared universe into gear nearly two decades after Unbreakable was released. With that in mind, to believe Blumhouse could pull off a similar feat with the Dark Universe isn't entirely a stretch.

That said, bear in mind while Blum certainly seems enthusiastic about the idea of taking over Universal's cinematic universe, it is not official by any stretch of the imagination. However, seeing Blum openly discuss the possibility is likely to foster some sort of dialogue.

Even if things don't work out between Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, at least we still have Spawn, Halloween and Glass to look forward to.

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