Jason Blood: Who Is the Immortal Behind DC's Etrigan the Demon?

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In the supernatural corner of the DC Universe, anti-heroes such as Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and the rest of the Justice League Dark keep mystical threats at bay.

However, Etrigan the Demon plays another big role in fighting off forces of darkness as well. But while the poetic Etrigan contributes to the fight against evil big time, he also has a human host, Jason Blood, who really doesn't get the credit he's due. With that said, CBR offers you some deeper insight into Jason's importance in this symbiotic relationship and how he and Etrigan have eked out a name for themselves.

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Jason Blood

DC has fiddled with Jason Blood's origin quite a bit over years, but the gist of it remains the same. In most versions of the origin, Merlin, King Arthur's great wizard from the sixth century, bonded the Demon to Jason's soul. One iteration had this union occurring because Jason, sent from Norwich to be Merlin's scribe, needed to quell his rage via some epic quest which was prophesied, and the wizard decided this bonding was just that -- a purpose to live.

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Another story had Jason, one of Arthur's knights, being used as a host so Merlin could extract supernatural secrets from the demon, who was ironically his half-brother. Other stories shaped Jason as a high priest of the goddess of the planet, Gaia, which Merlin decided would make a great vessel for the demon. There's also the more tragic take where Jason's family was murdered, and he was joined to Etrigan so Merlin would have a weapon of mass destruction.

Either way, it's obvious that Merlin usually tries to use Jason as his pawn, not caring about the humanity of the man himself. Merlin cares about how Etrigan can benefit his endgame, and sadly it's caused the demon to really lash out, not just as Jason, but mankind in general.


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Jason possesses a superior intellect, who acts as a supernatural detective and collector of information. Given his medieval past, as well as the wars he's fought in Europe as an immortal, he's an expert at combat and supremely versed in swordsmanship. He also has limited precognition and telepathy (due to his link to Etrigan), but from the experience garnered over the centuries, his main strength is conjuring magical spells, which coincidentally makes him come off as a dark Merlin sometimes.

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As for Etrigan, as the son of the high demon Belial, he has tremendous powers, made even stronger when his hellish connection flows undisturbed, especially through his sword. He has above-superhuman strength, which allows him to take on Superman and Wonder Woman, and is near invulnerable due to a magical healing factor. Apart from being able to conjure spells of his own through catchy rhymes, Etrigan can also project hellfire from his body.

Additionally, his fangs and claws are mystically enhanced. At full strength, the demon has enhanced senses, super speed, agility and energy blasts. He's also been able to manipulate fire, ice and matter on the whole in different arcs, proving he's truly one of Hell's most adept warriors.


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Together, Jason Blood and Etrigan are considered the utmost authority on demonology, unsurprisingly. Even though they have their own ongoing  inner-conflict and have been briefly separated by death, their work has been so impressive that they're usually the go-to guys when the League needs magical assistance. Due to their connection to Hell, they're the best heroes to turn to when seeking advice about Trigon, Asteroth and the darkest magical realms on the whole.

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Having fought through so many wars as well as through their own turmoil, Batman deeply values their expertise, and it's why they're held in high regard as key members of the Justice League Dark team. Majro players like Detective Chimp and Doctor Fate also consider them as experts in the field, and as witnessed in Blackest Night, when Deadman possessed the Demon in a Hail Mary scheme, Etrigan's flames kept several Black Lanterns at bay. In other words, they're wild-cards that the League know they can count on.

The New 52 focused on the duo as mystical gatekeepers, especially with the Dark team, but now, DC Rebirth has put them in a more precarious position. With the Lords of Order recently stripping them of their magical prowess so the Otherkind can raze the Earth, devour its magic and eliminate all supernatural heroes, it remains to be seen how useful Jason and Etrigan can be when their greatest weapons have been more or less been nullified.

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