Jason Bateman Says <i>Arrested Development</i> Movie Is Still Possible

Not so fast, Tobias — the Bluth family reunion might not be canceled after all, as Jason Batemen tells The Los Angeles Times that an Arrested Development movie is still, well, developing, despite David Cross' previous comments to the contrary.

"David says that it's dead, but it's not dead at all," said the actor. "[Show creator] Mitch Hurwitz is busy shooting a new pilot with Will Arnett, and perhaps when they're done shooting and editing and he's delivered that, perhaps he'll jump into writing the script. Once the script is done, it goes to the studio and they decide if it's a script they want to make, and the actors will decide if they want to be in it."

Bateman took Cross' comments more as a "Who knows?" than an actual denial, stating: "He wasn't saying anything definitive, but a lot of people with blogs and whatnot, in the interest of making a splash headline, stretched things a bit."

Honestly, the back-and-forth on an Arrested Development movie has gone on for so long that when a core participant says that the film is over, you almost want to believe him just so the fickle madness can finally stop. But no, Bateman has to go ahead and give us Arrested fans a little extra rope, rather than giving our hopeless dreams the mercy kill they deserve.

The story is, as they say, developing.

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