The 10 Biggest Changes Jason Aaron Made To Thor

Unworthy Thor

Thor has been undergoing a lot of changes lately, both in the comics in the MCU. The changes in the MCU have been obvious to see, yet in many ways they've been mirroring the most recent run of plots in the Marvel Comics.

With Jason Aaron at the helm of the Thor comics these past several years, our god of thunder has faced new challenges like you wouldn't believe. He's gone up against new enemies, been humbled in ways he never foresaw, and overall been forced to grow as a person.

That does mean that Thor has had to change and adapt in the face of these challenges. And sometimes, he didn't always succeed the way he wanted to. But he never stopped trying, and that's why we love the character so much.

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Asgard on Earth
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10 New Asgard

Asgard on Earth

The first change on our list isn't one done directly to Thor – but we're counting it regardless. Because this change had a major effect on the god of thunder, and with good reason. As in the MCU, Asgard fell in the comics. The people originally resettled on a new home, a floating one. But later had to once again move, this time to New Asgard. A location on Earth. Sound familiar? It should. It's the first of several events that the movies mirror.

These dramatic changes to Thor's home obviously alter his character as well. Suddenly, he's forced to face the failure for his people (their safety) while also continuing to protect them despite the change in location.

9 The Tale of Three Thors

One thing Jason Aaron has done, that not all Thor writers have taken advantage of; showing us the three versions of Thor at once. We have Thor, the younger, not-yet-worthy version, the current version, and a far-future version, where Thor is at the end of times.Jumping from these three perspectives has given away a lot of hints about Thor, especially about his future. For example, fans now know that Thor will outlive most everyone else in the Marvel Universe, but will always continue his battle for Midgard.

8 The God Butcher

Gorr, the God Butcher, was perhaps one of the biggest antagonists to hit Thor's series in quite some time. He certainly had the longest-lasting effect, no matter how you choose to look at it. Here, Gorr hunted and killed as many of the gods as he could manage.

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It took three variants of Thor (the young, the current, and the old) in order to truly stand a chance against this foe. But the impact of what Gorr did linger with Thor, as did the reasons behind Gorr's actions.

7 Unworthy

Unworthy Thor

One of the most shocking events in Thor's plot didn't actually happen in his own series (at first), though it did later become a focal point of a new series for him. You see, Thor became unworthy. And it was all because of one whispered sentence that he fell.

The Unworthy Thor became the title for Thor's new series, running alongside another Thor series (see point five). Here Thor was seeking to get back what he lost – while also continuing to be the hero he knew he could be. After all, he was one before he became worthy, so there was no reason why he had to stop now.

6 Loss of Limbs

Thor gets a new Black Uru arm

Almost immediately following Thor becoming unworthy was another blow to the character we all know and love. He rushed off into battle with a very specific ax, only he possibly should have waited for backup. But Thor was grieving, and who can blame him for reacting the way he did?During this battle, Thor lost an arm. And for a moment, the comic made it look even worse than that. Later, Thor was given a new arm made of uru (the same metal that makes up Mjolnir). It's a dramatic change to our god of thunder and one that so far, has stuck.

5 Mighty Thor

One of the bigger changes that Jason Aaron brought to the Marvel universe would be the time he handed off the mantle. Jane Foster, aka the Mighty Thor became one of the few who could wield Mjolnir. It was Thor Odinson himself who granted the new Thor the right to carry his title along with his weapon of choice.

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Jane's run of Mighty Thor was ended only when her illness made it impossible to go on. Other events may have forced her hand here as well, but we'll get to that in a minute. This run of Thor was quite possibly the most talked about, being both loved and controversial.

4 The Destruction of Mjolnir

Broken Mjolnir Thor 600

At the end of the Mighty Thor comic run, Mjolnir was destroyed. It was for a good cause, naturally, but that doesn't reduce the impact any. Suddenly Thor's favorite weapon – the weapon he once considered a part of himself, was gone forever (or so he thought). And with it went any chance of ever learning if he would be worthy again.

Mjolnir being destroyed did happen in the MCU but through a different means of events. Both impacted Thor heavily and forced him to go through a new period of grieving.

3 War of the Realms

The War of the Realms is one of the biggest events to happen in recent times at Marvel. It touched almost every character within the universe, but none more so than Thor and his allies. Here Thor saw his world ripped apart – the world he chose to consider his home.

Thor was brought down and humbled in this plot arc. But he also grew up in ways that we've never seen. Not in all the years, his series has been running. So even if we discount the physical changes he underwent here, there's no doubt that Thor changed quite a lot during this run.

2 Like Father, Like Son

Thor hit a new point of desperation and determination during the War of the Realms. This war brought destruction as he'd never seen before – and he was short his best weapon. Thor knew that he had to do something drastic in order to turn the tide.

So he followed in his father's footsteps. He attached himself to Yggdrasil in order to gain the knowledge necessary to win the war. And he got back so much more in the process. Though, like his father, he had to pay a price. He gave up his eye for the information he needed. This time, it was the comics who mirrored the movies (with the loss of the eye, that is).

1 King Thor

Most recently, Thor had a very major change, once again. And this change was large enough to warrant his own series. At the end of the War of the Realms, Thor was an entirely new person. How could he not be, after the horrors and trials he's seen?

What he went through made him a better person, fighter, and leader. Even Odin saw it, which is why he gave Thor the title of King, stepping down from it himself. And thus King Thor became a new series.

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