Jason Aaron Plans "Thor" Standalone Issue Starring Mjolnir

In 2014, Marvel fans learned that Norrin Radd's iconic surfboard isn't simply a means of cosmic travel, it was, in fact a self-aware, sentient object -- which means that the Silver Surfer was, in fact, never truly alone as he traveled the starry cosmos.

Then, in "Thor" #2, readers discovered that Mjolnir, the Thunder God's trusty weapon, is also semi-sentient, and more than willing to converse with its new bearer -- albeit in a somewhat indirect manner.

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And series writer Jason Aaron's not planning to stop there. In an interview with CBR News, the acclaimed writer revealed he has plans to further explore the origins of the legendary Uru hammer for an entire issue.

"Eventually, the idea is that we'll get a Mjolnir standalone issue," Aaron told CBR. "An issue that focuses just on the hammer. We still don't really know the full story of the hammer. There have been different origin stories told over the years, but eventually, I want to tell the real story of Mjolnir.

"Mjolnir has always been more than somebody picking up a hammer and swinging it around," the writer continued. "The fact that the hammer has an enchantment that can deem who's worthy and who isn't separates it from just being an enchanted hunk of metal. I think I tried to show with the previous Thor that Mjolnir was more than that. There was definitely some sort of symbiotic relationship with them, and if anything, that's only been spotlighted with the changeover."

So what do you think -- are you worthy to learn the true origins of Mjolnir?

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