INTERVIEW: Jason Aaron Breaks Down Marvel's New Avengers Lineup

You've got a pretty large cast in Avengers. So, will there be room for supporting characters like Jarvis and Robbie Reyes' kid brother, Gabe? Or will you be using the limited space you have to focus more on your central cast?

I'd like to do more with Jarvis and a support staff. I have some ideas, but a lot of it is a matter of space. I wanted to keep our cast at seven members for the most part, sometimes it will be eight, because I remember what it's like to write a team book with a pretty sprawling cast. At a certain point, you just run out of pages. It's hard to give everybody their moment and due.

So, I wanted to keep this line up pretty tight. We will see Robbie's brother, Gabe, though. I don't know if he'll be a huge part of things. This book is very much about what Robbie gets up to once he gets outside of his usual neighborhood. You certainly will see some supporting characters and support staff further down the line though.

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You're working with artist Ed McGuinness on this first arc of Avengers. What's it like to reunite with him on such a huge title?

It's good to be working with Ed again after Amazing X-Men. He and I had a blast bringing Nightcrawler back to life. We had a lot of plans for that book and wanted to do a long run together, but I ended up having to leave that so I could do Star Wars. So it's great to reunite with him on this.

Ed's also come up with some great idea on his own. The Dark Celestial host are brand new characters all designed by Ed. After that we'll have a brand new Avengers headquarters for him to design.

Avengers #2 page 3
EXCLUSIVE: Art from Avengers #2 by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales and David Curiel

Let's conclude by talking about stories and adversaries we'll see in Avengers. You kick things off with the Dark Celestials.

Yes, the Dark Celestials are connected to all the stuff we've seen with the Celestials in the past, and going forward we'll feature new threats as well as some old ones we'll bring out and dust off or use in a different sort of way.

Then, between our different arcs, we'll do stories featuring the prehistoric Avengers. The first one of those is drawn by Sara Pichelli and it involves the origin of the prehistoric Ghost Rider.

So those prehistoric characters play a role in our first arc and their battle against that Celestial villain was kind of the beginning of this story that will play out in the present day. So we'll see those characters come back again and again as things move forward.

Finally, as the writer of Avengers, which features Thor, and the continuing writer of Thor's solo title you have the opportunity to reward readers of both books with some bits of connective tissue. Will we see some of that right away?

I don't know about right away, but certainly as things go along you'll see a lot of connective tissue between the two books. It's been pretty clear where we're headed in Thor. With the War of the Realms there are some pretty big battles in the future and you can definitely expect to see the Avengers get involved in that in some capacity.

I know Loki is a big part of what you're doing over in Thor, but it feels like with his ties to the Avengers it would be natural for him to pop up in this book as well.

Yes, Loki is in fact part of this first arc. You can't really bring a team of Avengers together without Loki. He plays a part in both this first arc of Avengers and the first arc of the new volume of Thor. Loki is up to a lot. These stories will kind of tie into everything he's been doing over in Gerry Duggan's Infinity minis and Doctor Strange. So we're going to look at everything he's been doing across all these books.

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