Jason Aaron and Tony Moore tell '6-Pack Stories' with Arcade Brewery

Arcade Brewery is taking a slightly different approach to comic book storytelling: the six-pack of beer.

Arcade's 6-Pack Stories series of beer debuts Wednesday with Festus Rotgut: Zombie Cowboy, a black wheat ale that features a story by Thor writer Jason Aaron and The Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore that unfolds across all six bottles. The zombie Western beer is the first volume, which suggests more could be on the way. According to Arcade co-founder Lance Curran, the brewery wanted to tell a story first, then brew a beer to match.

“Since there are zombies, I immediately thought something dark,” co-founder Chris Tourre via said in a statement. “Driving a heard of cattle across the dusty landscape also made me immediately go to a dry wheat beer.”

While certainly an exciting prospect in visual storytelling, Festus Rotgut is a limited release, and will only be available at six stores in the Chicago area; for a full list of locations, check out Arcade's website. However, it will also be available at select online retailers.

This isn't the first connection between beer and comics. Brooklyn Brewery teams up with New York Comic Con to create a con-specific beverage, while a Walking Dead tribute beer contained actual brains. In 2011, Fantagraphics and Charles Burns teamed with the Elysian Brewing Company to create the Twelve Beers of the Apocalypse. However, Arcade's 6-Pack Stories may be the first beer to experiment with sequential storytelling.

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