Jared Leto, Chris Evans Looking to Board 'Girl on the Train'

As "The Girl on the Train" film adaptation gets closer and closer to departure toward filming, the cast continues to climb aboard. The two latest names looking to hop on: upcoming Joker Jared Leto and Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both actors circling the highly anticipated adaptation of the best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins, which centers on Rachel -- an unemployed alcoholic played by Emily Blunt -- who spends her days riding the train and fantasizing about a seemingly perfect couple she sees daily. Her fantasy rides get derailed when she comes home covered in blood after a session of blackout drinking.

Chris Evans is reportedly looking to play Tom, Rachel's ex-husband, while Leto would play the husband to Rachel's neighbor Megan, who goes missing during the course of the novel.

Directed by Tate Taylor, "The Girl on the Train" also stars Rebecca Ferguson and Haley Bennett.

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