Japan's Chibatman gets stamp of approval from local police

Just as the Dark Knight has a special relationship with Commissioner Gordon, his Japanese counterpart now has an arrangement with police in Chiba Prefecture.

Passing on a story from Yahoo! Japan News, Rocket News24 reports that Chibatman, who rose to international fame in recent weeks for cruising around in costume on a custom-made Chibatpod, was summoned to the police station where, even in his secret identity, he was instantly recognized by the receptionist.

He was then led into what he described as an "interrogation room," where he was met by a detective and a representative of the Land Transport Bureau. But instead of questions about vigilantism or the whereabouts of the Joker, Chibatman was asked details about his extensively modified motorcycle, his awareness of vehicle-width regulations, and whether there was a risk his cape could fly off as he sped down the freeway.

According to Chibatman, he was informed he hadn't done anything wrong, and even encouraged to continue his costumed activities. Relating the conversation to Yahoo! Japan News, Chibatman said he was told,“You’re going to keep doing this, right? If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.”

Although his name hasn't been revealed, Chibatman has identified himself as a 41-year-old welder who began appearing as the Caped Crusader following the 2011 Fukushima earthquake. "People forgot how to smile," he said. "I wanted to help bring the smile back, and that’s why I started.”

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