Japan's 7-Eleven is selling 'Attack on Titan' 3D maneuver gear

If I need a Slurpee, a hot dog or a lottery ticket, my local 7-Eleven has me covered. However, if I require much more than that -- say, flying gear for combating flesh-eating giants -- I may have to expand my search to Japan.

Rocket News24 reports the convenience-store chain there is accepting preorders for life-size replicas of the 3D maneuver gear from Attack on Titan, used by the characters in the hit manga and anime to fly through the air to battle their enormous foes.

Unfortunately, they're for delivery only, meaning you won't find them hanging in the back, next to the coffee and cappuccino station. Constructed from ABS resin, aluminum and silicone, they're priced at a steep $890 each -- and they don't even propel you through the air! (It apparently states as much on the 7-Eleven website, in case you had dreams of forming your own Survey Corps.)


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