Japanese publisher fined for using man's likeness in manga

The Tokyo District Court this week ordered manga publisher Kodansha to pay about $6,300 after a manga artist used a photo of a real person as the basis for a character in the Oct. 21 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, Anime News Network reports.

The court found that Zero-sen creator Atsushi Kase defamed the owner of an apparel company by using a photo of him from a fashion magazine to draw the leader of aVIP car gang called Oraora. The plaintiff, who originally sued for about $50,000, happens to sell Oraora-kei style clothing.

Debuting in 2008, Zero-sen centers on a World War II pilot who was frozen alive during an evacuation by the Japanese navy. He's thawed in the present, and becomes a teacher for a bunch of high-school delinquents.

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