Japanese officials seize fan's anime figures over back taxes

Consider this a cautionary tale for collectors: It's called, "The Guy Who Lost His Precious Anime Figures Because He Didn't Pay His Taxes."

Rocket News24 reports that when officials from Sanyo-Onoda City in Japan's Yamanashi Prefecture were dispatched to collect back taxes from a resident, they didn't discover any cash or jewelry they could seize. They did, however, find the man's collection of anime figures.

We can only imagine the man sobbed as tax collectors snatched up the figures, including some from Macross and Code Geass, and then -- gasp! -- opened the sealed, original boxes to inspect their contents. Talk about pouring salt in the wound ...

The collection will be auctioned off from Oct. 19-21, with all proceeds going to pay the resident's delinquent taxes. Rocket News24 notes the starting prices are awfully low, which may drive home this painful lesson to the horribly unlucky careless collector.

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