Japanese airline expanding fleet of 'Star Wars'-themed jets

R2-D2 won't have the skies to himself for long. Japan’s All Nippon Airways, which in April unveiled plans for an R2-D2-themed Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, is expanding its fleet of Star Wars aircraft.

While there are no X-Wings or TIE-Fighters to be seen, ANA will follow the October debut of the R2 motif with a Boeing 767-300 with a Star Wars livery featuring R2-D2 on one side and franchise newcomer BB-8 on the other. That will be followed in the spring by a Boeing 777-300 that BB-8 will have all to itself. All three will make

Poor C-3PO will just have to wait his turn. He has plenty of time, however, as the “ANA Star Wars Project” is part of a five-year agreement between All Nippon Airways and Disney. Another perk: The airline is adding the six current Star Wars films to all of its international flights.

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(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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