Japan one-ups everybody (again) with erotic Obama comic

Savage Dragon and Barack Obama? Old news. Spider-Man and the president? Pfft. Kids' stuff.

Japan pushes past the Spandex and slugfests -- and, apparently, boundaries -- with Tonari no Taro-kun ("My Neighbor Taro-kun"), an erotic manga starring Prime Minister Taro Aso. Hence the title.

But the February issue of My Neighbor Taro-kun features a very special guest: a dead ringer for U.S. President Obama. If I'm not mistaken, er-Obama is flanked in the panel at the right by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and possibly Sen. John McCain. Or Ron Howard; it could go either way.

According to Gia Manry, the gist of the issue is that Taro-kun gets "a black neighbor who calls for change." Judging from these scans from Sankaku Complex -- not safe for work, but probably not as bad as you imagine -- he wants a little more than change.

Manry also points out the artist draws er-Obama with a dot (or Urna) on his forehead, a symbol of enlightment or wisdom often seen in depictions of Buddha. Cue another round of those "Chosen One" comments ... now.

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