January is Brian Wood month at AiT/PlanetLar

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (September 17, 2001) Publisher Larry Young announced today that his publishing house, AiT/Planet Lar is starting off 2002 by turning over the entire month's offerings to the works of Brian Wood.

"I was a fan of Bri Wood's stuff ever since I saw the original solicitation for CHANNEL ZERO #1 in PREVIEWS three years ago, and it's personally a dream project for me to offer a launching pad for the genius Brian Wood," Young said. "When we were able to offer the collected CHANNEL ZERO in September of 2000, I told Bri that this was just the beginning; that he'd be a household name in comics in three years. It looks like even I underestimated the appeal of his work."

[Chanel Zero Design Book]"The very idea that there is a 'Brian Wood Month' is probably the coolest thing to happen to my comics career to date. I'm living the comics American dream," said Wood. "I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but only AiT/PlanetLar is this cool, to allow creators absolute freedom to execute their visions and indulge their fetishes the way they see fit."

Along those lines, AiT/Planet Lar offers in January the brand-new PUBLIC DOMAIN: THE CHANNEL ZERO DESIGNBOOK, which collects close to five years of preliminary and post-CHANNEL ZERO design and artwork, including close to 60 pages of never-seen comics from creator Brian Wood's art school years. Also included are dozens of deleted scenes, rejected pages, posters, sketches, script excerpts, creator's notes and character designs from the original series, as well as the contents of the special CHANNEL ZERO issue "Dupe", which had remained out of print and unavailable since 1998 and will be included in this volume.

Also offered in January is a special autographed (by Writer Wood and artist Brett Weldele) version of the COUSCOUS EXPRESS retail poster, another chance to get the ground-breaking CHANNEL ZERO, the appearance of the long-awaited MAKE THEM LISTEN, MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND T-shirt seen in CHANNEL ZERO, as well as a COUSCOUS EXPRESS embroidered patch.

"It's no secret I love Brian Wood's work; I'm just happy I'm in a position to bring it to other folks who love it, too," Young said.

AiT/Planet Lar, publisher of CHANNEL ZERO, is a pop-culture company dedicated to bringing high-quality entertainment to the masses through the creation of original projects or producing works deserving of wider recognition. AiT/Planet Lar provides a full range of services from concept to completion including writing, art management, lettering, advertising and promotion, prepress production, ancillary merchandise, and print management. Currently the company is focused on producing Original Graphic Novels to be distributed through mass-market bookstores, Amazon.com, and specialty bookshops around the world.

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