'Jane's World' Web comic to hit comic shops in January

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The first issue of Jane's World brings its daffy vision of life and love into the comic book stores in January. This comic book version isn't just a reprint of the popular on-line comic strip, it expands the storylines with new material designed just for the comic book market. "After working in the short groups of panels of the daily strip for so long, the ample space of a comic book freed me to take the work so much further," explains Paige Braddock, Jane's creator. "By the second issue, half the book was new material."

The daily version of Jane's World is syndicated by UnitedMedia, making it one of the few virtual strips handledby a major real-world syndicate. The strip features Jane,a lesbian newspaper employee with a love of her happyface mug, a distrust of her own happiness, and a tendencyto be pulled into all the wrong situations; her awkwardlymale roommate Ethan; Dorothy, whose PhD in English makesher well equipped to work as a coffee waitress; and Chelle,who *may not* be a vampire, but that's hard to prove.Along the way we'll meet Bud, Jane's cousin who prefersthe simple pleasures of a beer and folding chair to actuallydoing anything, and Dixie, a Southern gal who gets turned chimp and back again.

"The online version of Jane's World has drawn a surprisingly wide audience," says Braddock. "While there is a strong contingent who check it out becauseit has a lesbian lead character, I find that the otherreaders try it and stick with it because its themes are very human, looking at how crazy life gets when it's outof our control, and how much crazier still it gets whenwe try to control it! Of course, I'm looking forward toadding to the built-in audience of Jane's online fans witha new audience who may encounter Jane in Previews or in the ads in Strangers In Paradise, or simply from seeing it intheir local shop."

Fans looking to check out the daily version of Jane's Worldshould head to http://www.JanesWorldComics.com

Published by Girl Twirl Comics, the first monthly issue of Jane's World is an all-ages 24 page black and white comic with color covers priced at $2.95, shipping in January. It can be found on page 291 of Previews.

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