Jane + Niles-fueled "Bad Planet" Returns in July

The Thomas Jane and Steve Niles-fueled sci-fi epic Bad Planet has had a troubled history in comics, but it appears the wild ride this series has taken has slowed down and the book is back on track.

The first issue of Bad Planet debuted from Image Comics and Niles & Jane's Raw Studios in December of 2005 to healthy numbers. Buzz was high, and the book's momentum indicated everything was looking good for the six-issue series. Then - nothing. No new issues for over a year.

Earlier this week, series cover artist and art director Tim Bradstreet updated fans with a message posted on the title's MySpace page. 'Bad Planet' returns! screamed the headline.

It's been a long hiatus but we're finally back with 'Bad Planet,' Bradstreet posted. Late in 2005, after launching the series with issue #1, we lost our second penciller due to illness. Rather than find another penciller to maintain our shipping schedules, we decided to stick with Lewis LaRosa and schedules be damned!

Unfortunately for the Bad Planet crew, things didn't work out so well. LaRosa had a long recovery and, once he was back to full strength, decided not to return to the series after all and has for the moment left the industry. For almost eight months, Bad Planet had no penciller.

Jane, Niles and Bradstreet all got busy with other projects, so the search for a new penciler didn't end for another eight months, when they finally found new series artist James Daly III at last year's Dallas Comicon. Daly had spent the last few years doing concept work for videogame companies and was very interested in breaking into the comics business. Daly literally dove into the project, completing several LaRosa pages that were left unfinished, then bridged the gap between himself and LaRosa by forsaking his own style for the heavy shadows and texture work began by LaRosa and myself," explained Bradstreet. "LaRosa had completed nine full pages and two partial pages of issue #2 before he left us. So Daly picked up the slack and never looked back.

The series will begin shipping again in July of 2007, according to a spokesperson for Image Comics, with the re-release of issue #1 featuring a new cover by Daly and Bradstreet. Shipping later in the month will be the long-awaited Bad Planet #2 with a cover by Bernie Wrightston. August will see the release of issue #3, with 3-D treatment by 3-D master Ray Zone and a cover by Mark Schultz, and the issue should be available in advance during Comic-Con International in San Diego. Issue #4 ships in September with a cover by Bradstreet, and issue #5 follows in October with a cover by Michael W. Kaluta and a special 15-page flashback Convict origin by Dave Kendall. The final "Bad Planet" issue will ship in November with a cover by Dave Stevens.

We're way ahead of schedule, said Bradstreet. Daly is working on the last issue now so there will be no hiccups along the way to prevent this series from shipping on time.

We apologize for the delay (we hope you understand), and hope you will join us for the thrilling spectacle that is 'Bad Planet!'

In other Raw Studios news, their other comics property, Alien Pig Farm 3000, is set to debut later this month. Look for interviews with the entire creative team the week of its release right here on CBR.

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