Thor: The Mighty Jane Foster's Post-Godhood Role, Revealed

Mission Control

Even before she was the God of Thunder, Jane Foster was the representative for Midgard on the Congress of Realms, so just because she isn’t Thor anymore, it doesn’t mean she isn’t going to be heavily involved with Asgardian affairs. Since the destruction of the Bifrost, the Asgardians are trapped in Midgard and so are the refugees of other realms displaced by The War of Realms. Jane is heavily involved with resettling those refugees in The Bronx along with former SHIELD agent Roz Solomon, but she also has a much more important role.

With no access to Asgard, no Uru and no Mjolnir, Thor has never been so vulnerable and when Asgardia was destroyed, Odin’s weapons vault was scattered across the cosmos, so in addition to preparing for The War of Realms, Thor has to hunt down these lost weapons. This is where Jane comes in, as she’s serving as a kind of mission control for Thor, helping him track down the missing items and cataloging them when they come in.

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She helped him find The Warlock’s Eye in the possession of The Cult of Cyttorak, which led to Thor coming into contact with the Juggernaut, who proved to be more than he thought he could handle. Breaking his brand new hammer on the Juggernaut's helmet, Thor was forced to call down all of the new hammers created for him by Screwbeard The Dwarf and only one of them survived the conflict.

When Thor returns, Jane shows a vested interested in learning all about his new hammer which defeated The Juggernaut, asking about the specifics of how it handles as if it were a high-end car. When Thor reminds her of her vow to not wield a hammer until she is cured of her cancer, she gives him an update on her condition, as the doctors say she is making great progress. With one artifact recovered, Jane already has a lead on another of Odin’s missing weapons, The Gem of Infinite Suns, which has been causing the ocean to boil and bubble.

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Jane’s intel is once again correct, and leads Thor to conflict with Namor as part of his quest to recover the item. Though the issue ends with Thor, Loki and Thor The Hel-Hound stranded in Niffleheim and cut off from their mortal allies, it’s refreshing to know that Jane’s story isn’t over just because she is no longer The God of Thunder.

Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman took the character from semi-forgotten former love interest to a compelling leading lady in her own right, and Thor comics have been better than ever, largely thanks to her role in them. Though she may not wield a hammer in the near future, Jane Foster is still a hero and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

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