Thor: The Mighty Jane Foster's Post-Godhood Role, Revealed

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Thor #1 by Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso, Christian Ward and Joe Sabino, on sale now.

While Marvel may have actually followed through with “The Death of the Mighty Thor,” we as readers were lucky enough not to lose Jane Foster as a result of that storyline. Even better, though she is no longer The God of Thunder, she’s still very active in Asgardian affairs. This week’s debut issue of the new volume of Thor shows us what Jane has been up to since relinquishing the power of Mjolnir and giving up godhood, and it proves she’s just as important and necessary to the Ten Realms as she was before.

If She Be Worthy

Jane Foster was one of the few people aside from Thor Odinson himself to prove to be worthy of wielding Mjolnir and the power of Thor. After her former lover found himself unworthy for the first time in centuries, Jane was summoned by the hammer and became the new Thor. With Odinson unable to fulfill his role as Thor, Jane stepped up when Asgardia needed her most, fighting against Loki, Malekith, Shi'Ar gods and The Queen of Cinders. She served as an Avenger, had a relationship with Sam Wilson/Falcon, and saved the Ten Realms on numerous occasions. In the process, she even unlocked new secrets about the mysterious hammer, secrets which had eluded her predecessor for millennia.

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Jane Foster had a good run as The Mighty Thor, but it was always going to come to an end. Not just because superhero comics always revert to status quo, but because of the danger she was putting herself in every time she made the transformation from mortal to god. While her godly self was invincible, her mortal self was battling cancer, and every time she made that switch, it would erase all of the positive work done by chemotherapy. Ultimately, it was decided that she would not pick up the hammer again until she completed her treatment, because one more transformation would kill her.

However, when The Mangog came to Asgardia and began a path of destruction, Jane couldn’t just sit by and let everything she swore to protect be reduced to rubble. Knowing it would kill her, she transformed to The Mighty Thor one last time and took the fight to The Hatred Who Walks. In order to defeat The Mangog, Jane chained him to Mjolnir and commanded the enchanted to hammer to fly itself into the heart of the sun. Though the day was saved, Jane reverted back to mortal self and passed away in the arms of Odinson, as she was long warned would happen.

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Fortunately, Odinson is not known for rolling with the punches, and he wasn’t going to let Jane die. Calling down all of the thunder and lightning he could manage, he attempted to revive his former lover but was unsuccessful. It was only when Odin — who never approved of Jane’s relationship with his son and who actively despised her as Thor — joined the effort to save Jane that the combined power of Asgard’s two most powerful gods was enough to bring the one-time God of Thunder back to life.

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