Jane Austen meets <I>Game of Thrones</I> in <I>Witch's Quarry</I>

Fans looking to scratch that itch between between volumes of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, or seasons of HBO's adaptation Game of Thrones, might be soothed by Witch's Quarry, a fantasy webcomic by Off*Beat creator Jen Lee Quick that's being serialized on MangaMagazine.net.

Launched in March, Witch's Quarry follows a man named Sir Veolynn Moreshire who comes under the control of a powerful witch named Lady Dei. It shows how this hero can be turned with the wiles of an outside force, but also how stereotyped villains may have some redeeming qualities.

Described by Becky Cloonan as "Jane Austen meets Game of Thrones," the story is told by Quick with a clear line and an unabashed love for plot twists. And this isn't for kids, as the cartoonist mixes in adult situations from jokes to sexual innuendo and situations, making it something special among the typically all-ages crop of sword-and-sorcery comics online.

Here's a sample of the first few pages. Click here to read the nine chapters released thus far!

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