Jamie Hewlett's backstage shots from 'Monkey: Journey to the West'

Sometimes, a little curious clicking on a few links can pay off. I recently discovered that the fairly social media-resistant Jamie Hewlett has a public Instagram account, a fact that can't be that widely known, considering that he has fewer than two dozen followers. There's not that much to see there, as he's posted just 17 images so far, but to follow up on our story about Hewlett's additional designs for the upcoming New York City production of Monkey: Journey to the West, there are a few photos of some character make-up tests. The Lincoln Center's YouTube account has some footage of rehearsals, and an interview with Jamie and Damon Albarn on the subject.

There's more of interest there for fans: a close-up of the Plastic Beach model used during the promotion of the third Gorillaz album; a street art mural painted over somebody's shutters; close-ups from some canvases; some digital tomfoolery; and a few ink-and-watercolor sketches. I'd say check it all out soon, just in case he deletes the lot. The drawing below seems to be a digital sketch of the updated design for the ambiguously gendered monk Tripitaka, going by the posters for the production going up around New York. The photo of the poster display was taken by Hewlett's wife, the actor Emma de Caunes. Yes, it'll always raise a smile in the United Kingdom when we remember that Hewlett is now the son-in-law of the great Antoine de Caunes.

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