James Wan's Mortal Kombat Reboot Gets an Updated Cast List

As pre-production on producer James Wan's cinematic reboot of Mortal Kombat moves forward, the film's main cast of characters has reportedly been revealed.

As screenwriter Greg Russo has completed the reboot's script and Simon McQuoid has signed on to direct the film, the characters expected to appear, including a brand new one among the fan-favorite fighters, has been updated.

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The film's central protagonist is new character Cole Turner, a single father and former boxer who is recruited by Jackson "Jax" Bridges to join a team of human fighters and defend the Earth in a extradimensional martial arts tournament against killers from another world. Cole's daughter, Emily, is described as being 12 years old and already a surprising fighter in her own right.

Joining them are classic Mortal Kombat characters Sonya Blade, Kano, Liu Kang and Kung Lao, overseen by the God of Thunder Lord Raiden for their intense training to defend the Earth. Most of the characters retain their respective backgrounds from the fight game series including Liu Kang's ability to generate fireballs and Kung Lao's razor-sharp hat.

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The Outworld tournament is overseen by the ageless Shang Tsung, with Mileena and Sub-Zero has appearing in the contest of champions. While fan-favorites including Scorpion are not listed, this is a preliminary list leaving the possibility for their appearance.

James Wan signed on to produce a Mortal Kombat reboot through his production company Atomic Monster with New Line Cinema in 2015. Since then, McQuoid, a prolific Australian commercial director, has signed on to helm the project with Russo signing on to pen the screenplay. No official release date or cast has been announced.

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