Official James T. Kirk Bourbon Is Boldly Going Into Star Trek Fans' Glasses

If there's one thing that can be said about the crew of Star Trek's original series, it's that they knew how to party.

To celebrate the life and times of James T. Kirk, the iconic space-faring Starfleet officer played by both William Shatner and Chris Pine, CBS is releasing an official Star Trek-branded straight bourbon. In partnership with the Silver Screen Bottling Company, James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now available for purchase online.

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With the bottle developed by longtime Star Trek designers Michael Okuda and Doug Drexler, the aged bourbon is an officially licensed liquor allowing fans the opportunity to toast to the final frontier. The bourbon is a limited quality batch and will be available later this month at San Diego Comic-Con International as the inaugural drink in their upcoming line of Star Trek-branded spirits. The rest of Silver Screen's Star Trek line is expected to debut at SDCC.

James T Kirk bourbon

In the meantime, fans can preorder their own bottles of James T. Kirk Bourbon for $60 with orders expected to ship by October 1.

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(via StarTrek.com)

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