James Sime's Isotope Announces New Location

Official Press Release

(San Francisco. May 27, 2005) Known for his unique vision of comics retailing, James Sime, proprietor of Isotope – the comic book lounge, announced today that he will be relocating his award-winning store into the heart of San Francisco on July 1. The Isotope's new location, in the cultivated Hayes Valley neighborhood, will put comics alongside the finest the arts offer in furniture, fashion and food.

"Our Andy Warhol's Factory meets CBGBs approach to celebrating the great art form of comics is just an ideal fit for the Hayes Valley neighborhood," said Sime, "The collision of high and low culture, of Haute Couture and Pabst Blue Ribbon, the combination of the tuxedos-and-evening-gown crowd with the corsets-and-leather crowd is the perfect environment for the Isotope and its singular style to thrive." With twice the square footage for Sime and his staff to do their comic retailing thing, the Isotope's new location makes for the perfect environment for those looking to find comics and graphic novels from every walk of comic book life. And with just about every form of public transportation in the city dropping off people in a four block radius of the new storefront and street parking plentiful day or night, it'll be easier than ever for the entire Bay Area to get to enjoy the Isotope experience.

"Making bold moves is an Isotope tradition; it's what has made us famous in the comic industry," said proprietor James Sime, "and what am I going to do that's more bold now that I've got twice the space to stock, sell and celebrate the comic art form? If you've been to the Isotope before, you KNOW what I'm gonna do!"

Joining the elite community of independent businesses in the Hayes Valley neighborhood is a natural extension of the Isotope plan. "Maybe it's just me, but it seemed like everywhere we went, we saw Best of the Bay winners, just like the Isotope," said Special Projects Director Kirsten Baldock. "Trendy restaurants, art galleries, clothing designers, and high-end interior-decorating shops are all award-winners. And we're a block and a half away from the city's hottest new nightclub, The Rickshaw Club, believe me, it's not going to be hard to go to work in the morning!"

"I'm enjoying exploring all the little shops in the neighborhood, and the restaurants are some of the best in the city." said Isotope bon vivant Ian Yarborough. "What could be more perfect than having a classic cocktail and some New Brunswick oysters on the half-shell at the Absinthe Brasserie & Bar with a new graphic novel in hand?" "Well, there IS the world-famous corset shop The Dark Garden right in our back yard," answered Isotope enforcer and special effects make-up artist Jared Guenther.

"We had some great times at our old location these past four years," said Sime, "but it's time to bring the Isotope brand of comic retailing to the epicenter of cool culture here on the West Coast. My staff and I can't wait until July 1st when we get to show all of you our new shop!"

Isotope - the comic book lounge is the award winning home of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics in San Francisco, CA. Comic book impresario and retailer James Sime has been setting new standards for comic retailing since 2001 and continues his campaign of comic evangelism with his weekly column The Comic Pimp on ComicBookResources.com. Isotope – the comic book lounge is a purveyor of fine new and vintage comic books, graphic novels and trade paperbacks, manga and other imported comics, as well as unique props and memorabilia. Starting July 1st, the Isotope will be located on 326 Fell Street (@ Gough) in San Francisco.

For more information about Isotope – the comic book lounge, visit:http;//www.isotopecomics.com

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