James Robinson Exits "Earth 2," Leaves DC Comics

Writer and longtime DC Comics mainstay James Robinson announced today that "Earth 2" #16, expected to be published in September or October depending on how DC's Villains Month plays out, he will no longer have any obligations at the company.

"So as of today I am leaving Earth 2 with Issue #16. It's been a blast," Robinson tweeted earlier this evening. "Yes, this also means I'm no longer working at DC Comics. Best wishes and regards to Dan [DiDio], Geoff [Johns] and everyone."

Robinson's departure from the publisher is somewhat abrupt, as he was discussing long term plans for his world-building in "Earth 2" as recently as late March. In an interview with CBR TV during WonderCon, Robinson hinted at big things ahead for the book, with plotlines which were expected to culminate in late 2014 with the first New 52-era meeting of Earth 1 and 2.

"[I]ssue #13 ... really is the beginning of all the pieces coming together for a big event at the end of next year," the writer said. "Obviously, everybody can guess that it's when these Earths are going to finally meet for the first time. Those pieces are starting to be laid in my book and you'll also see things happening in other books. Yes, I have this independence and I'm creating all these characters and creating this world, but I do have to be aware that it is a part of the DC Universe. Yes, I have freedom, but I do have to be mindful of what's going on in 'Justice League' and various other books."

Update: When reached by CBR, DC Comics had no comment on Robinson's departure.

Check out Robinson's full WonderCon interview with CBR below, and stay tuned to CBR for more on his departure as it develops.

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