James McAvoy Hasn't Auditioned For 'Star Wars,' But He's Interested

"Everyone" has auditioned for Star Wars: Episode VII, according to actress Saoirse Ronan. Everyone except James McAvoy, it seems.

The X-Men: Days of Future Past actor recently appeared on the Empire Podcast, talking about his return to the world of mutants and mind-control, among other topics. He was also asked about potential interest or involvement in Star Wars, as all actors will inevitably be asked until a cast is locked in place. Here's his answer:

"I have not auditioned for Star Wars. Something is rotten in the state of equity, I'm telling you. No. Although I have just been working with one of the writers of the new series, Simon Kinberg. I slipped him a couple of coffees, felt his bum a wee bit, you know what I mean? 'Any chance big man?' So yeah, I've put in the work.

To recap: McAvoy has not auditioned for Star Wars, but he's willing to squeeze a few rear-ends to get the job done. That's what people in the business call "dedication."

(via Comic Book Therapy)

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