Is A Former Buffy Star Secretly in Dragon Ball Super? We Investigate

The final episode of Dragon Ball Super aired last week in Japan, paving way for an upcoming film based on the show, which already has fans buzzing. In the U.S., however, the English dub of the series has yet to reach its end, only just recently entering the "Goku Black" saga. Without spoiling too much, this saga introduces us to Zamasu, the supreme kai-in-training of Universe 10 who has a difficult time understanding the affairs of mortals.

Of course, that's not what makes this character of particular interest for Dragon Ball fans as much as the mystery surrounding who will provide his English dub. There's an online theory that he is being voiced by former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor, James Marsters. And while the Wikipedia entry for the character might list his english voice actor as "David Gray," but we have reason to believe this is a pseudonym for the current Runaways actor.

Were this true, it wouldn't be Marster's first foray into the Dragon Ball franchise; in 2009 he played Lord Piccolo in the universally hated Dragon Ball: Evolution, a critical failure that indisputably butchered the source material. So, has Marsters stepped back into the world Akira Toriyama's hit anime, or is this nothing more than an Internet rumor? We investigated to find out the truth behind Zamasu's English voice actor.

The Rumor

So, where did this rumor start? It goes back to the third DLC package for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which was released in April 2017 and included Zamasu as a character. This DLC predated Zamasu's appearance in the American release of Dragon Ball Super by ten months and thus was the first time we heard the character's English voice actor. In the interactions and battles with Zamasu in Xenoverse, some players, perhaps Buffy fans, thought the character's voice sounded familiar.

These suspicions were not "confirmed" until the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, in which Zamasu appears as a support character for Goku Black. The credits of FighterZ list the voice actor of Zamasu as "Sam Majesters," a not-so-subtle play on "James Marsters." This was our first clue that the Buffy actor might be voicing the character, though it could just as easily be a pseudonym used by another voice actor. Perhaps some more substantial evidence is required.

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