Logan Director Warns Fan Backlash Will Drive Filmmakers Away From Franchises


The director and co-writer of Logan believes big movie franchises could scare off creatives if fans keep responding with anger instead of constructive criticism.

Writer/director Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi is, without question, the most polarizing release of 2017. While the film received mostly positive reviews from critics, it sparked heated debate among fans, many of whom have directed their displeasure toward Johnson and some of the film's stars on social media. Daisy Ridley and, more recently, Kelly Marie Tran were driven from Instagram by online harassment.

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If sharing feedback with such vitriol continues, Mangold tweeted that believes "a lot of bolder minds" won't work on big franchises. Instead, the story will be created by "hacks & corp boards." Mangold also wrote filmmakers should be encouraged to follow "passion/story over universe building," adding that building a cinematic universe is "just a way to hook u 4 more $."

It's important to keep in mind that Mangold is not saying that filmmakers should be shielded from criticism. He's simply stating that if you're going to tell someone you dislike their work, don't let anger take the wheel; tweet at someone as if you were actually having an in-person conversation with them.

After all, it was the great Master Yoda who said, "anger leads to hate," and we all know where that path leads.

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